Welcome to a website created by New York Mental Health Counselors Association.  This website centralizes all of the information needed to advocate for the legislative and other professional issues shared by Mental Health Counselors and our sister professions known as Mental Health Practitioners in New York State Education Law.

The information on this site can be shared with anyone who wants to assist in the effort to firmly establish Mental Health Practitioners as the qualified professionals that we are.  Together we can move our legislative and other professional agendas forward!

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Please note.......

Although this website is open to mental health professionals who are not NYMHCA members, we urge practicing mental health counselors and students to join NYMHCA! It is member dues that allows us to retain the services of two lobbyists in Albany and to provide our members with information and services that they need....such as this website!  To join, click on the NYMHCA.org link on the left.