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The NYMHCA Board of Directors has decided to limit the annual dues for our members so that more mental health counselors and future counselors can afford to join NYMHCA, and to renew their memberships annually.  While the lower membership fees are appreciated by our members, it limits the funds available to pay our lobbying firm and financially support our advocacy agenda.

Please consider making a donation to NYMHCA to help support our efforts to ensure a successful future for our profession!

Expenses associated with our advocacy agenda are:  the lobbyist's annual fee; payments to NYMHCA staff, travel expenses (hotel,food and transportation) for the lobbyist and NYMHCA leaders;conference calls, printing/mailing of materials such as newsletters and updates; memberships in national associations, and contributions to the NYMHCA PAC.

The BEST way to support NYMHCA's advocacy efforts is to join NYMHCA and maintain your membership!  Click here to join!
 What is a PAC?

A PAC is defined as a political action committee, and is a legal account set up exclusively for lobbying purposes by organizations authorized to do so.  When  a key state legislator is having an election or re-election campaign fund raiser,  a lobbyist or association member will attend and make a donation.  Since New  York State legislators are re-elected every two years, there are many fund raisers to make donations to.  NYMHCA is not restricted to a donation amount as we are a 501(c)6 organization as defined by the Internal Revenue  Service.
You can make a donation to the NYMHCA PAC or NYMHCA's advocacy effort by choosing one of the following options:
  - You may make a donation by credit card by clicking on the link for Professional    
    Charges, a secure credit card processing company.  Simply write in "PAC 
    donation" or "donation" as the reason for the charge.
 - You can make a donation using 
 - You can send a check to NYMHCA
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